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Workforce Development in the Precision Machining Trades

Bay Institute of Science & Engineering is a Department of Labor registered provider of online Apprenticeship Training

BISE / Manufacturing-U is a full-service Precision Machine Trades Apprenticeship training provider, as well as a Department of Labor approved registrar.  We strive to achieve excellence when assisting companies in the precision machining industry, as we help them to seamlessly  meet the criteria that is required to offer a Department of Labor (DOL) approved, and registered apprentice training program that is tailored to meet the specific manufacturing needs of that specific company.  Our goal is to provide an increased number of individuals an opportunity,  a ‘gateway’ to becoming a highly skilled industry leading trades-person.

Moving the Precision Machining Industry Forward

At Bay Institute of Science and Engineering (BISE), we focus on providing high quality apprenticeship training for precision machine trades, tool and die, as well as mold making. 

Our program is geared toward equipping apprentices with the necessary technical skills that meet the requirements of businesses in the trade.


Bay Institute of Science and Engineering (BISE) is your “One Stop Shop” to Precision Machining Workforce Development”. We will design and build a program that fits your specific companies needs in Workforce development at no cost to your company.

BISE offers your company the highest quality On-Line education in Precision Machining Careers that require Technical Education and represent our national industry.

Enrolling in BISE courses does not require having an approved Department of Labor approved apprenticeship in your shop, but if you do have interest in apprenticeship, we offer No-Cost Department of Labor approved and sanctioned company and apprenticeship registration, with a guarantee that you will not have any DOL interference with your company’s business.

BISE’s purpose is to advise, assist and provide 100% of the support required for companies that desire (but again not required) a DOL approved Precision Machining, Tool & Diemaking, of Moldmaking – Diecast Die Apprenticeship through programs that prepare employees for successful transition to further education and career pathways within your company.


What Sets Us Apart

Our courses’ content has been reviewed and approved by an education committee that was comprised of precision machine shop owners and supervisors who volunteered their time to make this program the best that it could be. With their help, we are able to provide companies in our industry the highest quality workforce development training at a cost that is far below any other training provider. In addition, BISE is one of the few if not the only DOL-approved apprenticeship training provider that offers training in three disciplines:

  • Precision Machining
  • Tool and Die Making
  • Mold Making/Diecast Dies


By successfully completing the BISE Apprenticeship program, apprentices can receive a Journeyman’s Certificate, as well as “Articulated University, or college credits” toward a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. This credentialing is only available to an Apprentice who has successfully completed both the required BISE 16 courses (approx. 600 hours of technical-related training) in addition to completing 8,000 hours of shop time that will hone the skill sets specifically identified by the employer as required by the company.

Helping Apprentices Become Journeymen

Our program was established and designed to meet the needs of individuals who would like to pursue a career in this field and gain credentialing. Because all of our courses are available online, apprentices can report to work, attend classes through the on-line platform, and still have time to spend with their families while earning the credentials they need to become journeymen. 


Assisting Shops in Building Their Workforce

If you are a Precision Machine shop owner, who is having difficulty in finding skilled help, we have a solution to your problem. BISE is a registrar that is certified and approved by the Department of Labor (DOL) that will help you to establish a Certified training program in your shop.

We will manage 100% of your apprenticeship training needs. To do this, we first register both your company, and your apprentice with the DOL. Then, we will track your trainee’s progress, and deliver on-line more than 600 hours of technical-related training that’s designed to fit your needs.

With BISE as your apprenticeship training provider, your time can be spent on what you do best: producing high-quality precision machine parts. You won’t have to call the DOL, and they will never visit your shop.

FAQ: If I begin an apprenticeship isn’t that for Union Shops?

Apprenticeship is not Union shop based. In fact, most larger union shops have their own apprenticeship standards such as UAW. The BISE program is DOL based.

FAQ: If I train one of my employees through Apprenticeship won’t they just quit and go somewhere else for more money?

According to the DOL, 91% of apprentices that compete their training are still employed at that company 9 months later.

FAQ: How does an Apprenticeship program benefit employers?

  • Customized training that meets industry standards, tailored to the specific needs of businesses, resulting in highly-skilled employees.
  • Increased knowledge transfer through on-the-job learning from an experienced mentor, combined with education courses to support work-based learning.
  • Enhanced employee retention: 91% of apprentices that complete an apprenticeship are still employed nine months later.
  • A safer workplace that may reduce worker compensation costs, due to the program’s emphasis on safety training.
  • A stable and reliable pipeline of qualified workers.
  • A systematic approach to training that ensures employees are trained and certified to produce at the highest skill levels required for the occupation.

FAQ: What does a BISE apprenticeship entail?

The apprentice must agree to work 8,000 hours (40 hour per wk min x 50 weeks per year x 4 years) while learning in your shop. The apprentice must also successfully complete 576 hours of Technical Related Training (144 hours per year x 4 years. Apprx 3 hours per week))

FAQ: Why should I start an apprenticeship in my shop?

First and foremost, apprenticeship helps businesses develop highly-skilled employees. Apprenticeship programs also reduce turnover rates, increase productivity and lower the cost of recruitment.

Mission Statement

Meeting the needs of the Precision Machining Industry by teaching apprentices real-world experiences and applications.

Our Background

Our founder Ken McCreight, began working in the Tool and Die Trade as an apprentice for Fredon Corporation, located in Mentor, Ohio.

At Fredon Corporation, Ken was taught the necessary skills that are required to become a Journeyman - Precision Machine Shop Supervisor. Eventually, he became the owner of a precision machine shop for 18 years. During this time, he struggled constantly with finding skilled help, which led him to sell his shop, and enter the world of Precision Machine Training.

His experiences as a Precision Machine Shop owner, Professor, Program Manager, and a Dean of S.T.E.M., made Ken sensitive to the need for workforce development training in the Precision Machining field. That’s why in 2017, he started Bay Institute of Science and Engineering (BISE) to help address the industry’s demand for capable trades-persons.

This website and all of it's content is dedicated to Roger Sustar - Fredon Corporation who set an example in life through integrity and passion for the precision machine trades industry and apprenticeship training.  Roger has helped launch more careers in precision manufacturing than anyone can count. Thank you Roger for all you have done.



Curriculum Endorsed by:


Department of Labor (DOL) | Certified and Registered Trainer and Sponsor for Precision Machine Trades Apprenticeship

Important Information

We are not the Department of Labor (DOL), nor are we affiliated with any U.S. government division. That aside, we are authorized, credentialed, and approved by the DOL to be a full-service machine trades registrar, trainer, and sponsor for the precision machine trades.

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